We must resist

Letter to Editor by Paula Perez Costas, Ashland Daily Tidings, May 19, 2017 “Drop dead” and “Get lost” are unhelpful responses many of us historically have heard. With Trump, these dismissals are back!  The Declaration of Independence guarantees “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Two of these require health, from which we must infer […]

Guest Opinion: City transportation plan needed

Guest Opinion by Louise Shawkat, Ashland Daily Tidings, May 19 2017 Has Ashland blown its chance for a rational 21st century transportation plan? The design for our true gasoline automobile was developed in Europe in the mid 1800s; the United States hustled with the progress it promised and ushered into existence our auto industry. Two […]

EPA under threat

Letter to Editor by Monica Trocker May 16 2017, Medford Mail Tribune Our air and water are clean because rules protecting them are imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as mandated by Congress. Now our GOP Congress and the White House want to curtail EPA research and other critical areas. If this is allowed, […]