SOCAN Monthly Meeting: Six Degrees Could Change the World (Video)

This thought-provoking film by National Geographic tackles in startling detail the alarming changes that may face us all.




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SOCAN encourages all interested individuals to join a project. Meeting times are on the calendar.

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now is a grassroots, volunteer, non-profit organization of area residents who care about climate change and have joined forces to take bold action against it. Through volunteer projects, we focus on reducing the impacts of Global Warming across Southern Oregon.


SOCAN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization;
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SOCAN Monthly meetings are the last Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm at the Medford Public Library.

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The cumulative impact of millions of painless individual choices can be immense.

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Projects – Get Involved!

Black Rock Solar Field Trip to the Children's Cabinet with Clayton Middle S

Climate in the Classroom

PROJECT LEADER – MARY EHLERS Project Description To explore with regional educators ways that we can contribute to finding and developing curricular materials which promote student awareness and understanding of the science of climate…

Master Climate Protector

PROJECT LEADER – LOUISE SHAWKAT Project Description Modeled on the extremely popular Jackson County Master Gardener and Master Recycler programs, our Master Climate Protector program incorporates both a training component and a service component. …
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Media Corps

PROJECT LEADER – ALAN JOURNET Project Description The Media Corps (formerly the Writing Corps) Project comprises individuals who are interested in contacting print and broadcast media to promote public awareness about climate change issues…
Oregon Senate Districts 600

Oregon Legislative Districts

Project Leader - Alan Journet Project Description One of the most effective ways of communicating the importance of acting to address climate change is to show individuals what is happening in people's own backyards.  This project follows that…


Project Leader - Alan Journet Project Description The purpose of the project is to develop a set of presenters and presentations that can be offered to regional audiences.  It is anticipated that these presentations will be adjusted to suit…
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Water Management and Conservation

PROJECT LEADER – ERIC DITTMER Project Description This is an Ad Hoc group available to support water conservation promotion through presentations, seminars and contributions to classroom education. We live in an area where there is a real…
SOCAN at MM 600

SOCAN at Mountain Meadows

Project Leader - Louise Shawkat Project Description This group is made up primarily of people who live in the Ashland area and generally focuses on issues related to Ashland. A wide variety of climate change actions are undertaken. Goals Stimulate…

Health & Psychological Impacts

Project Leaders - Ken Deveney & Liz Olson Goals To raise awareness of health and psychological impacts of Climate Change, for both individuals and relevant public agencies. Project Description Prepare, arrange and offer public presentations…
US Capitol 1000


PROJECT LEADER – ALAN JOURNET Project Description In order to stimulate appropriate action at all levels, SOCAN is committed to reaching out to our elected representatives and their staffs both to express our concerns about climate change…
Tree for All Seasons by Rochelle Newman

Forests & Fire

Project Leader - Project Description Working in cooperation with the Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative, we have initiated plans to develop a stakeholder workshop to be held in late summer/fall 2016. These efforts include the…
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Project Leader - Louise Shawkat Project Description Goals Connection to SOCAN Mission Accomplishments How to Join Please contact Louise Shawkat at louise@socan.info. Background Information Since 30-40% of greenhouse gas emissions in…
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New Idea

Do you have an idea for a Group or Project? Share your thoughts and others might be interested in working with you on your idea. Please contact us at info@socan.info.

Ongoing Activities & Latest Update

Ongoing Activities

Stand up for Oregon

Jordan Cove Terminal/Pacific Connector Pipeline

Updates June 29 Update From Apple (Apollonia Goeckner) Tell Governor Brown No LNG in Medford on July 7th  Governor Brown is coming to Medford on Thursday July 7th for a campaign fundraiser at the RoxyAnn Winery. We will be taking this…

Latest Update


The New, New Climate Math: 17 Years to Get Off Fossil Fuels, Or Else

Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams, September 22nd 2016 "If you're in a hole, stop digging." Though it may not have seemed possible, climate catastrophe is even closer than previously thought, with new figures released Thursday finding that—when…